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Our next meeting is at Alan Carruth's shop.  One topic of discussion will be bridges.  I tasked Alan if I could pick his brain on this one so I have my list of questions, bring yours!  Like everything else in guitar making the deeper you look the more complex it gets.  Bridges affect the voice of a guitar in many different ways, let's talk about that.  I'm pretty sure Alan will have something else for us as well.  

I look forward to seeing everyone there!
Mark Hatcher

Sunday March 17   12:00-4:00
51 Camel Hump Rd
Newport NH 03773
The 'phone is:
(603) 863-7064
I seldom pick up the 'phone, but will check my e-mail before the meeting:
Most people would come in via Rte. 89. The simple way is to get off on Rte. 10, which is exit 13, and head South.
As you go through Grantham and Croydon villlage you'll see the river on your left.
About 8 miles south of the highway you cross over the river. Rte. 10 straightens out for a mile or so, and the speed limit jumps from 40 up to 55.

Get to the left side of the lane, and put on your signal. About 1/4 mile down on the left you'll come to Cross Road, a short connector to Camel Hump Road. It's hard to see; just a low sign in the field. Slow down, and keep a sharp eye on the idiot behind you: I've had two people try to pass me on the left as I was making the turn, which is a great wake-up.... 
Go right on Camel Hump Rd.

My house is about 3/4 mile down on the left; a white house and attached barn with a blue metal roof. The shop is in the barn; there's a small porch on the front with a wood pile beside it. Park in the lot in front of the barn, not on the street. If that's full, you should be able to park in the other driveway behind the truck in the garage.
Some will come in from the other direction, most likely picking up Rte. 10 at the traffic circle in Newport center. Rte 10 is the main street, west of the common, although it's not a disaster if you turn up Park St. on the east side where the Post Office is, you just go left at the top of the common annd right onto 10.
Drive past the High School, about 2 mi. up from the circle, and another half mile or so past the airport. Rte. 10 makes a curve to the west, and you'll see the yellow diamond sign for Camel Hump Rd. There is a big white Colonial house (for sale!) behind a high hedge on the corner. Again, slow down as it's a sharp turn, although at least this time it's a right.

We're about 1/2 mile or less up, on the right. If you pass the brick house with the sail boat out in front, you went too far.  

3/17/2019 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Al Carruth's Workshop 51 Camel Hump Rd Newporrt, NH


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