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Small Meeting—Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Small Meeting

Topic: Chris Schmidt will introduce you to computer aided design and manufacturing through the CNC router.

When : January 19th  from 1-4 pm
Where: Thetford Academy, 304 Academy Road in Thetford, VT
Limit:12 people

Chris will introduce you to computer aided design and manufacturing through the CNC router. Thetford has an Axiom 2’x3’ router table with liquid cooled spindle that we use for carving signs, adding decoration to woodworking projects, cutting out curved components, routing out exact dadoes and rabbits, etc. It can even be used for mortises and other joinery. Chris will give a brief overview of V-carve Pro, the software that runs the machine (same software used at most maker spaces). There will be limited opportunity for hands on practice pending the number of laptops available (runs on PC only with free 30 day trial from Vectric Software). The academy has 3 PCs we can use. You can bring your own if you download the software ahead of time. Then we will run several example pieces on the machine. If time permits, attendees can design and carve a small sign or plaque. For those interested, we also have a laser engraver, and I could give a very brief demonstration of that machine as well. The next step for interested woodworkers would be to practice design skills by watching the outstanding videos available from Vectric, then find a maker space where you could try using the machine.   

Chris Schmidt is the Design Technology Instructor at Thetford Academy. He teaches classes in Basic Woodworking, Woodturning, Timber Framing, and Graphic Design. He introduced the CNC router 4 years ago to engage his students in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. His students use the machine on a regular basis to supplement more traditional woodworking skills in the design shop. Chris is also a member of the Upper Valley Woodturners, and has given several small group meeting in basic woodturning for the GNHW. He sometimes uses the CNC machine to carve the rim of a bowl.  

1/19/2019 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Thetford Academy 304 Academy Rd Thetford, VT


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Capacity: 12

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